Change Your Life with a Relationship Coach

Deepen Connection and Intimacy… Fearlessly!

I created this website with the intention to inspire a supportive lifestyle for myself and others. As a Holistic Love and Relationship Coach and Yoga Teacher, I am passionate about offering you that support on Your journey. Together, we will work to find your answers that lie deep within you. By moving into and listening to the body, we will unwind the tension and blocks that create mind chatter that clutters the way to our own inner truth. With a quiet mind, we can hear our inner voice and learn how to create more grounding, connection, and intimacy in our own lives and in our relationships.

Why You Need a Relationship Coach

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amanda north life coach

Throughout my life journey, I have experienced many lessons. I have witnessed how love and relationships can be our biggest teachers. They can offer us some of the most challenging times, yet also offer the most growth, rewarding us with moments of deep connection to ourselves and others.

It is through relationships that we explore opportunities to see ourselves through a different lens and ultimately can choose to grow and expand. This is not always an easy process. As we walk through the difficult times and spaces in our lives and relationships, it often helps to have support guiding us into understanding our own inner truth.